UNIX Corporation is about The Power of Choice.


It is widely accepted that during the California Gold Rush the people who made the real money were the merchants who provided the TOOLS to the miners, rather than the miners who worked the mines. Picks, Shovels, Clothing as well as food and liquor lifted profits from many a miner. The merchant came with products and services to aid the search for gold.  They became the “Gold Barons” who left with the gold.

Today’s businesses needs’ are often compared to the ‘49 rush to California.  Clients are seeking the products and services from which to gain market share in their industries.  The merchants who provide the tools to these clients are the new “Gold Barons.”   With UNIX Corporation, because we have taken the hottest of products and services (tools) and developed IT business solutions to fit every industry, YOU have The Power of Choice. 

Headquartered in New York, NY UNIX Corporation was founded in early 1994 originally as Digital Systems Design Group, Inc. as an open systems network design company working with many Fortune 500 holding companies.  With vast experience and knowledge in consolidating complex data centers into one, UNIX Corporation is set to bring about solutions to market that promise to improve overall collaboration in the clients business while simplifying management and improving business continuity.

As true experts in the Business Transformation through IT vertical, UNIX Corporation continues to invest and evolve in taking tier one IT manufacturer’s products and offering best practice solution sets that are custom designed for a business.   Through working with and getting to know our clients core business, we've expanded our knowledgebase beyond traditional systems, storage and networking practices. We bring IT and your business users closer together. Give your clients a competitive edge.  Automate the sales process through technologies.  UNIX Corporation brings choices to their clients. 

UNIX Corporation has partnered and collaborated with the industry's leading manufacturers (Software, Hardware and Services companies).  We work across all platforms and include integrated solutions from VMware, Dell, HP, EMC, SUN, IBM, Lenovo, NetApp and many others. Our premier certifications, successful track record and proven methodologies have earned us continued business with some of the most recognizable names across many verticals. As technology and business users requirements evolve, we will continue to focus on leading edge systems integration solutions and superior customer experiences well into the 21st century.






UNIX Corporation stands for excellence; in the clients we serve, in the relationships we have formed and in the results we have achieved.  We have earned our Customers and Partners trust by providing superior service and offering them The Power of Choice.  Please do not keep us a secret, share this site with others.

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