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Welcome to UNIX Corporation 

Bright People. Right Solutions. At UNIX Corporation that epitomizes the value we bring to our clients and it's what differentiates us within the industry.
Our corporate culture cultivates passionate talented problem-solvers who deliver “Big Company” resources with industry-leading teamwork and responsiveness. We provide the right solutions by achieving a deep understanding of our client's businesses and needs. Our client's challenges are treated with urgency and respect and we work relentlessly to meet or exceed their expectations.
Our company is organized along the major service lines of technology and telecommunications as well as targeted segments of major commercial, industrial, governmental and institutional service lines to align with our client's needs. We have an extensive internal training and development program that equips our employees with up-to-date industry knowledge and provides clearly defined career paths and advancement opportunities. 
Stewardship of our company, industry and communities is a key priority. UNIX Corporation is a sustainable financially strong business that advocates environmentally and socially considerate decisions for its clients employees and the communities in which we operate. We promote our industry's growth by sharing knowledge and fostering science and engineering outreach in higher education. We volunteer extensively within our local communities to raise awareness and make an impact on the welfare of our communities and society at large.
I invite you to contact us and get to know UNIX Corporation. You'll learn about the industry-transforming innovations we've achieved. You'll find a large portfolio of technical offerings and management capabilities. Let's meet and  discuss how we successfully collaborate to provide the necessary business and technical expertise required to meet client needs and share information among all stakeholders to make decisions quickly.
Our Team can offer innovative insights on how we internally ensure the effective execution of simultaneous projects without compromising quality, timeliness, or functionality.  Our client expertise in increasing stakeholder value and building organic growth by combining strong entrepreneurial abilities with strategic technology management, traditional and online business development and strategic partnering.  Adept at executive leadership and cognitive styles influential to consensus driven peer leading abilities and acceptance recognizing emerging technologies and translating them into viable solutions.
After you learn about the depth and breadth of our company, I'm sure you'd be proud to be associated with UNIX Corporation.

UNIX Corporation President and CEO





UNIX Corporation stands for excellence; in the clients we serve, in the relationships we have formed and in the results we have achieved.  We have earned our Customers and Partners trust by providing superior service and offering them The Power of Choice.  Please do not keep us a secret, share this site with others.

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