It begins with one word; collaboration.  Systems collaboration and People collaboration.

It means that while within a business employees and stakeholders may not share the same backgrounds, or disciplines or life experiences, but they do share the same core values. Confidence in our abilities. Passion about our profession. Devotion to our clients’ success. It means we consistently deliver work that lives up to your ambitious standards, with insightful, strategic thinking and consistently creative solutions.

UNIX Corporation's Collaboration's brand-building disciplines include strategic planning, internal advertising and peer acceptance, design, promotion, interactive, media and direct marketing. All in-house. All fully integrated. All wrapped up in an environment that’s friendly and meets the needs of the business.

Collaboration in business can be found both inter- and intra-organization and ranges from the simplicity of a partnership to the complexity of a multi national corporation. Unix fosters collaboration between the clients team members which allows for better communication within the organization and throughout the supply chains. It is a way of coordinating different ideas from numerous people to generate a wide variety of knowledge. The recent improvement in technology has provided the world with high speed Internet, wireless connection, and web-based collaboration tools like blogs, and wikis, and has as such created a "mass collaboration."  People from all over the world are efficiently able to communicate and share ideas through the Internet, or even conferences, without any geographical barriers.
Complexity is inherent in dynamic systems because their processes are often non-linear and therefore hard to observe and control. However, the only way to overcome complexity is to realize its existence in the first place. Knowledge about how regulation, control and communication function in every form of system needs to be applied – this knowledge is known as cybernetics. Norbert Wiener defines cybernetics as the study of regulation, control and communications in life forms and the machine. In a business context, such an approach can help managers understand complex situations and therefore deal with them better.

UNIX Corporation welcomes the opportunity of working closely with their clients.  We are an IT company with a strong influence of economics that understands that technology does two basic things for a business; increase profits, decrease costs.  With this understanding and more than two and half decades of managerial business experience, UNIX has the ability to cut through the tens of thousands of IT goods and services and find the right mix of solutions sets for any of its clients.  We start every engagement with identifying the business initiative up front, then applying technology as the means to an end. Not just leaving it at that because technology is only as good as its proper use.  UNIX collaboratively brings together IT Departments along with their supported User Groups to insure that the business sees an ROI on their technology investments.







UNIX Corporation stands for excellence; in the clients we serve, in the relationships we have formed and in the results we have achieved.  We have earned our Customers and Partners trust by providing superior service and offering them The Power of Choice.  Please do not keep us a secret, share this site with others.

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