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Where do you find current pricing and contract data on IT Outsourcing Vendors?

Make the smart decision about your next data center, infrastructure management, IP transit, or CDN contract with help from our IT outsourcing advisors and consultants. Leverage our experience to see market parity for SLAs, pricing, contract terms, and hundreds of key datapoints, you win at improving your contract. Let our experienced, outsourcing advisors show you up to 50% cost savings on your next sourcing decision.

We are a customer-centric, IT outsourcing advisory firm that transforms the way businesses select providers through proprietary methodologies that leverage RampRate’s benchmarking data models to offer clients optimized service level agreements and improved price performance for data centers, content delivery networks (CDN), managed services, colocation, bandwidth/hosting and cloud computing. At the center of our client value is the extensive sourcing market repository that maps supplier-client relationships against more than 100,000 recent data points for near real-time intelligence on more than 350 vendors, in 80 countries and 200 metro regions. For more information, call 914.793.4544.


Here’s what we offer in out IT Advisory Sourcing Practice:

  • IT sourcing buying strategy evaluation
  • Insource vs. outsource decision analysis, cost modeling and benchmarking
  • Finding the right IT suppliers for each need
  • Lowering cost relative to service level by 20%-70%
  • Reducing exposure to prevalent risks by 80%-90%
  • Cutting procurement time from months to weeks
  • Detailed auditable process documentation

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