Day to Day Value Added (software, hardware & services) Product Fulfillment


UNIX Corporation (VAR), in addition to its professional services such as integration, customization, consultation, training and implementation, offers full IT Procurement Services.  We have multiple lines of direct and distribution authorizations with the manufacturers to fulfill all client IT and Telecommunications purchasing requests.  UNIX negotiates special pricing on behalf of the clients which has brought many projects to completion under budget and ahead of schedule thus meeting the CXO’s corporate initiatives.


UNIX offers pre-negotiated pricing from the manufacturers that enables us to discount more than a client would see going direct. This is because we have already qualified for higher tiered discounting due to previous engagements with other clients and the strategic partnership between the vendor and UNIX. We partner with many vendors helping the client when deciding which solution is truly best for their unique environment. An agnostic relationship with the vendors is maintained while wearing the client hat. Rather than trusting each vendor who believes their solution is best, we help the clients get the best of class products for their particular environment, at a great price.


Future Budgeting and Forecasting services are part of our relationship. We work according to your next fiscal year helping your LOB’s and IT Departments budget for future, anticipated IT buying.  Our certified purchasing managers can write Enterprise Purchasing Agreements on behalf of the clients for your volume discounts. This includes software licensing (ELA) management and maintenance Support Renewals.  We are specifically trained to interpret legal language contained in licensing agreements especially concerning SLA’s.


Not being swayed by any rebates or vendor offers keeps UNIX Corporation focused on the technology and business aspect of any client solution.  


IT Procurement Consultation
If you already have existing direct vendor relationships, are you really getting the best value for your IT spend?  Our consultants are very knowledgeable of the competitive pricing of equipment and services including many types of contracts and SLA's.  We can sit with your IT Procurement staff and help manage behind the scenes win room pricing strategies.  This service can realize six and even seven figure IT budget savings for our clients.      


You have your core business to run.  Let UNIX Corporation be your Trusted Advisor and Technology Partner



Leasing and Equipment Financing Services / Asset Management:


Financing Solutions from UNIX Corporation / Changing the way technology is purchased.

Acquire the technology you need, at the price you can afford. Is your business bound by cash-flow constraints? UNIX Financial Services can give you access to the technology financing required to help you realize the full potential of your business. From computers and servers, to software, services and office technology, UNIX allows you to break down large technology acquisitions into fixed, monthly payments. By providing fast, dependable financing that's easy to access, we can help you free up your cash flow, making it work harder for you. Customized billing and invoicing cycles are created to meet YOUR financial requirements.

Customers enjoy access to the latest technology, as well as:

A lower total cost of ownership

Off-balance sheet treatment

Simplified procurement

Low cost of entry for new projects

Balanced budgeting over project life

Length of term and other options that are customized to meet the individual needs



Hardware Maintenance & Warranty Services:


Multi Vendor Maintenance Solutions from UNIX Corporation Enjoy convenience and savings with one contract, one invoice, one vendor.

UNIX offers the best value in the industry for Multi Vendor Maintenance by providing competitive prices and higher quality service. Rolling your hardware and software maintenance into one vendor lessens the complexity and expense of maintenance contract management. As a matter of fact, by consolidating your various vendor maintenance contracts into one contract with UNIX, you can enjoy up to 40% savings in vendor contract management costs. With UNIX's Multi Vendor Maintenance Solution, you can enjoy all of these benefits and more:

Exclusive Online Contract Management Service
UNIX's Contract Management Program provides centralized management, reconciled reporting, summarized billing and online access for all of your hardware and software maintenance support contracts. By consolidating these contracts over time, UNIX can reduce and eliminate any billing problems while coordinating all of the equipment with the same contract end date. This helps in reducing administrative and budgetary challenges.

Convenience of One Vendor / Consolidation of your EXISTING Contracts TOO

UNIX has a team of highly trained professionals for hardware maintenance support services for all major hardware vendors' equipment. With UNIX as your single point of contact, you can enjoy quick resolution to issues that occur within your data center. UNIX provides a single point of accountability to assist your IT professionals in managing your technology assets efficiently and cost effectively. For problem resolution, our IT equipment Contract Management Program relieves the stress encountered by IT managers due to the never-ending changes of today's technology.

Superior Customer Services

UNIX's network of customer service engineers have an average of 25 years experience in helping IT Managers solve problems in any processing environment. You may select predefined service offerings or design a service program that will meet your needs. With UNIX, you can take advantage of remote sensing technologies that are real-time, not dial out. Our proprietary tools enable us to provide a higher level of contract management service, and our network of experienced engineers can work with you onsite based on your requirements.

Equipment Hardware Types Supported


StorageTek (STK)








Spectra Logic







Significant cost savings vs. Original Equipment Manufacturers. Over 90% of critical spare parts on site at each client's location. 25 years average experience level of customer engineers. 2nd and 3rd level support available 24x7

Remote sensing technologies in real-time 24x7

24x7x365 support from Technical Assistance Center, which includes incident management, diagnosis and problem resolution

International support center staffed by trained technicians, not phone operators

Preventive, predictive & proactive services

Hardware installations Equipment relocations

Clear Service Level Agreement with guaranteed response time vs. Committed response time

On-site personnel for quicker remediation

Exclusive online contract management program for real-time viewing of all inventory and service levels - also provides real-time back end financial reconciliation as equipment is added and deleted from service

Ability to roll all equipment maintenance into one contract with one payment - with various payment options to meet your needs



IT Consulting Services:

Whatever your business challenges are, rest assured that UNIX Corporation will deliver a complete solution guaranteed to meet your business needs. Our national services delivery teams are organized to help you with your specific business challenges, including:


IT Optimization

Business Continuity


Modernization (ex. SOA, Internet-Rich Applications)

Infrastructure and Network Management

Data, Application and System Integration

Data Analytic's, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing

System Migrations


Staff Augmentation - With the strategy clearly defined, you may need some help making it happen. Our consultants can help you manage fluctuating skill needs, competency gaps and changing staff requirements to meet aggressive project deadlines. These solution specialists work with customers either at the customer's site or remotely, and are certified in key technologies by UNIX Corporations’ business partners.

Individual Contributors - UNIX can quickly respond with highly-experienced, difficult-to-identify consultants for staff augmentation purposes, whether a single resource is needed for a short-term project or multiple consultants for extended periods.

High-Performance Teams - UNIX's long-term relationships with consultants have resulted in development of very effective teams that have worked together on multiple projects and have developed productive synergies and consultant communities. This team approach provides our clients with high-performance teams that do not require extra time to "get up to speed." For clients with a multi-discipline project, a team can be the most cost-effective answer.

Turn-Key Solutions - For those who are more interested in the outcome than in the actual management of a project, Mainline Staff Augmentation Services offers all the resources needed to design, scope and deliver a complete solution. As with all UNIX’s services, the UNIX network model allows onshore resources to manage project objectives, while facilitating a combination of onshore and offshore resources to complete the deliverables. This is clearly the most cost-effective method for clients to achieve their required results.

UNIX's Staff Augmentation Solution can provide:


Certified Project Management


Systems and Network Engineering

Business Intelligence

IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

Database Administration

Application Management and Development

Packaged Applications (ex. SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft)

Offshore Application Development Capabilities


Penetration Tests:
Our Penetration Testing Teams are experts in finding the flaws in your security program both from a vulnerability
and process point of view.  Our reports are brief and actionable, focused on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your
Security program.

UNIX offers the highest quality information Penetration Testing and Security Assessment Services that provide an effective technical solution tailored to your business context, which allows you to reduce risk, maintain compliance and increase the value of your business unit and IT portfolio.

Data Center Power Services:


UNIX Corporation offers all brands of Data Center Infrastructure Power and Cooling Equipment


UNIX Corporation provides power protection, environmental control and site monitoring products and services that are designed to keep your business in business. For nearly 12 years, we have been the leader in refurbished and unused surplus products from manufacturers like APC, Best Power, Liebert and PowerWare.


Unused Surplus or Pre-Owned Equipment

As a cost cutting measure for our clients, we also offer both unused surplus and pre-owned solutions that will satisfy your budget objectives.


Multiple Manufacturers

Provide power solutions from the leading manufacturers in the industry. This enables us the flexibility to design the correct solution for your unique environment.


Immediate Delivery

UNIX’s partners’ maintains an extensive inventory for immediate delivery


Buy, Lease or Rent Your Power Solution

We provide you the hardware you need, the way you need it. Whether your situation requires short term, long term or permanent support, UNIX has the financial options to make it happen.


Trade or Sell Your Existing UPS

Our unique business model allows customers to maximize the financial return of your current UPS equipment by trading-in or selling your existing hardware.


"No Risk" Guarantee

Take the risk out of your purchase by providing an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee on all data center products UNIX sells.


UPS Service & Maintenance

UNIX’s factory trained technicians with the highest quality service and maintenance tailored to meet your needs.


Battery Replacement Service


UNIX provides battery services to include on-site replacement and depot replacement.


Infrastructure and Network Optimization Services:


Implementing effective server optimization solutions is a complex and challenging task, as most companies have seen dramatic increases in the number of servers deployed. The resulting server sprawl has made it difficult to manage these server assets, and the increased environmental (power and air conditioning) costs.

UNIX offers trusted expertise in assessing your current server environment, and assistance in creating and executing a long-term roadmap for effective server optimization - paying attention to products and best practices including:


Server and Storage Consolidation

Server and Storage Virtualization

Server and Storage Management

Green Data Center Design and Optimization


Simplifying server solutions and managing them successfully, depends on using the best products and the best people available. UNIX has years of combined experience designing IT solutions, assessing server optimization strategies, creating backup and recovery plans, and providing customers with innovative technology solutions across leading server hardware and software products.

UNIX's senior consultants can conduct planning sessions, manage vendor relationships, configure hardware and software, ease integration into your working environment and assist with data and system migration. At the close of a project, we add even more value by providing post-installation tasks, ongoing system administration and skills transfer to your technical staff, as well as documentation of your new server configuration.






UNIX Corporation stands for excellence; in the clients we serve, in the relationships we have formed and in the results we have achieved.  We have earned our Customers and Partners trust by providing superior service and offering them The Power of Choice.  Please do not keep us a secret, share this site with others.

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