There are an abundance of manufacturer product training's available through the Partners that UNIX Corporation resells and supports.  UNIX will assist with specific solution training's to insure that every IT product solution is put into production.
In addition, UNIX Corporation offers IT Consultative Business Training's.   This is where we separate out the the thousands of IT vendors and become the client advocate.
Our training disciplines cover the following functions; Marketing & Sales, Operations/IT, Organization, Finance/Administration and Strategy.  
As the frontier between strategy and execution becomes increasingly blurred, Information has become a key source of value for organizations in the new global economy. However, Information is much more than just combining data, processes, and analytical models - explicit Information delivers impact from actionable insights. Those organizations that can manage and apply business Information successfully and creatively can yield huge dividends.
To facilitate fact and expertise based decision making, we have recognized the need to train our clients on the following UNIXCO methodologies:

Union - how can organizations identify needs, innovate, and exchange know-how internally

Navigate - help to implement decisions and build capabilities through technology-enabled analytical and process management service platforms

Initiate - how can organizations create the environment to share and leverage best practices and action insights

Xenix - concurrent execution of corporate initiatives and the prioritization of tasks

Collaboration - external exchange of information between clients, vendors and the supply chain

Organic - the ability for new corporate growth from within the network of installed systems  


Because we fully understand the value delivered to organizations from addressing these challenges, we have developed a new range of Training's called UNIXCO Business Transformation Training. 

We invite you to contact us and explore some of the most advanced training's in this vertical.  Business Transformations through UNIXCO's IT Training's are the result of a systematic and ongoing review of our best knowledge assets. We are investing in additional business areas and geographies over time.

We learn from our clients and as we are embarking on a new journey, we would be happy to hear your comments, suggestions, or recommendations on our way forward.

UNIX Corporation President and CEO






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